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Educators Leading the Change

Kimberly A. Morrow founded Educators Leading the Change(ELC), which is a subsidiary of K.A.M. 's Publishing Company, LLC in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and sudden school closures.  The disproportionate inequities of black and brown students from marginalized communities have been exposed by the pandemic.  Therefore, the purpose of ELC is to provide educational support services to students, parents, schools, and organizations that work with children.   

 Mission Statement

Educators Leading the Change endeavors to assist parents, educators, and community organizations with improving the academic, cultural, and quality of life outcomes for every student through a deliberate focus on people, leadership, and equity.


Educators Leading the Change takes a student-centered approach to our services, acknowledging that a variety of factors within and beyond the classroom can influence student learning. We also strive to promote a growth mindset, the idea that all learners can improve themselves with sufficient effort and guidance.