Homeschool/Distance Learning Teachers/Coaches  

  • Monitoring and assist with distance learning activities and additional structured and unstructured play

  • Assist with homework, and additional curriculum and activity assistance  

  • Follow all recommended social distancing and other associated guidelines.

  •  Help parents organize and form a multi-family micro-school/learning pod for K-12th-graders (ages 5-18) in West and South LA area for the Fall Semester 2020.

  • Project Based Learning Instructional Strategy and other hands on student centered pedagogy is used by educators.  

  • Creative art and music projects 

  • Engaging teacher / tutor can oversee all aspects of the students' school remote learning for an individual or small group of children (up to 4 kids) grades 1-12 in outdoor learning space.

  • Teach All History including Black, Latino, Native American and Women's History

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