Kimberly A. Morrow, Company Founder & Coordinator, Homeschool/Distance Learning 

Provides: In person and Virtual Academic Coaching, Workshops, Consultations, One-on-One Tutoring  

Kimberly has 13 years experience as a classroom teacher and 10 years experience as an school site administrator.  She is also the author of 8 Pearls of Wisdom: Empowering Children is the Way to Go! Kimberly A. Morrow, earned a B.A. in History from Morris Brown College and  well a M. Ed. in Teaching and Curriculum from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Throughout her career as an educator, Kimberly has advocated for student equity inside and beyond the classroom.  Her 13 years teaching experience span over three states and four school districts. In addition to classroom teaching she has also worked as a school administrator where she was responsible for creating a Parent Empowerment Center and improving upon the students online learning capabilities.  She is also the author of 8 Pearls of Wisdom A Parenting Guide.  Currently she is a Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction as wells as an Education Consultant. 

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