June 6, 2020 Schedule

Please note times may be altered to accommodate the panelists passion for their topic

Closing Remarks

2:00 PM


Discussion/ Q & A 

Jamico Elder and Kimberly A. Morrow

Panel Members present their solutions and respond to questions and concerns.

11:30 AM

Introduction of Panel Members

Panel Members: Dr. Stacie Morris, Dr. Tunette Powell, Mr. Jamico Elder, Mr. Christopher Erwin and Ms. Vivien De Peralta.

11:20 AM

Moderator Presentation

11:00 AM

Kimberly A. Morrow Presentation on effective Project Based Learning practices.    

Keynote Address

Dr. Lynette Tannis, Professor Harvard University

10:30 AM

Opening Remarks

Kimberly A. Morrow, Moderator 

10 AM

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